03.03.09 - Albion, Michigan

These create solar systems.

02.18.09 - Albion, Michigan

The ocean. The pieces with markings allow wave coordination.

02.03.09 - Albion, Michigan

The sun, backside, with gluegun. I'm a visiting artist at Albion College for the semester. I am making animations.

06.02.08 - Oxford, New York

A moveable bonfire.
Slingshot for Iowa.

05.18.08 - Grinnell, Iowa

My lovelies.These too, my lovelies.

04.29.08 - Oxford, New York

Picture window.
Sewlite 2000.
Bedroom Window.

04.25.08 - Oxford, New York

Night-still with peepers.

04.24.08 - Oxford, New York

04.20.08 - Provincetown, Massachusetts

Salvatore wrote his book "The End" at this very table.

Janelle made this Whippoorwill Catcher, the only of its kind.

Dorothy collected these bottom-rocks.

04.17.08 - Montpelier, Vermont

This is Steph's giant barrel of granola. She is dandy too.

04.06.08 - Burlington, Vermont

My studio-mate at the forge. He is dandy.

03.28.08 - Burlington, Vermont

It is still cold here in Burlington. I burn these palettes from the lumber yard across the parking lot. 194 steps.

03.26.08 - Burlington, Vermont

Pine Street Studios in Burlington.

03.21.08 - Utica, NY

Utica to Burlington. Cold.