01.31.08 - Amherst, Virginia

Ariel is leaving today.

Cloud Factory.

01.29.08 - Amherst, Virginia

Death by Lion, part I (Alice Elliot Dark)

Death by Lion, part II (Sarah Salway)

01.27.08 - Amherst, Virginia

The bears are back. Dusty said "don't worry", made me a funny little drawing of bears breaking into my airstream to eat my lunch, laughed at my fears. Look now, Dusty. Not so funny. They will have to cut open those bears to get the Barbara and David parts out.

01.24.08 - Amherst, Virginia


Tom and Hedwig and Anne are heading north today and I am missing them already.

01.04.08 - Amherst, Virginia

The Floating City Arrival.

I am From Iowa.

01.03.08 - Amherst, Virginia

The Floating Volcano Escape