10.20.07 - San Francisco, California

Two days of low-rider bicycle and beat-box, leather jacket sunglasses, cruising the sidewalk. Two women in a bar booth, smiling at the dog sitting across the table.

There is an Olafur Eliasson exhibition at SFMoma, dazzling with tricky light and space, creepy and lovely, mirrors and water vapor, a room full of maquettes from the studio. A video with the artist's studio full of carefully unkempt artists and people who talk about artists, expensive casual, a ring of modern chairs set up in a the woods for the conversation.

Super Taco and Ice Cream.

10.12.07 - Des Moines

An opening for a group exhibition in Des Moines at Olson Larsen. I projected on the street in front of the gallery.


Real-time, transit of Ohio. Still warm enough for Katydids.