03.28.08 - Burlington, Vermont

It is still cold here in Burlington. I burn these palettes from the lumber yard across the parking lot. 194 steps.

03.26.08 - Burlington, Vermont

Pine Street Studios in Burlington.

03.21.08 - Utica, NY

Utica to Burlington. Cold.

03.17.08 - Hollis, New York

Jin makes Janelle's hair shorter.

03.13.08 - Parking Lot, Virginia

Dan Towler and Abe Smith, on the highway in Virginia.

03.03.08 - Key West, Florida

I am on a late-night bicycle and random in circles to get lost, then there is a street I know and I am not lost. The same cricket is behind every house and the air smells like licorice and flowers and it is windy and hot-at-night. The extra-screamy insect makes me homesick for Iowa.

Also, a manatee.

03.02.08 - Key West, Florida

Projections at TSKW in Key West.

02.29.08 - Jacksonville, Florida

Greta's grapefruit and my house.

02.27.08 - A small town, Georgia

A year finished in Georgia.

02.25.08 - Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg snow and my favorite sign.